Share your moments privately.

Show-off your photos only to close friends and family.

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Your private photos are in control

Unlike Facebook or Instagram where photos are out in the open by default,
PixMix albums are private by default with the option to selectively decide who will access your album.
That way you can share your moments privately and securely with your close ones.

Fun and easy to collaborate

No need to ever ask your friends to email you photos again...
Your photos are instantly copied to your friends' devices when you invite them to view your album.
Invited friends can add photos to your album, which are synced onto your device.
See events through your friends' eyes. Never miss an important moment!

Free Cloud backup

Your albums are securely saved in the cloud. Forever.

  • Browse from anywhere
  • Automatic backup
  • Instant Sharing

Social connect

Enjoy private sharing

  • Download PixMix for iPhone or Android
  • Create an album and take some photos
  • Selectively invite friends
    and let them take photos, which will go into that album
Download PixMix